About The Red Turntable
My name is Michael Gillespie and I have always had a passion for music, whether it be exploring and finding new music, or enjoying old favorites. In college, my parents bought me a turntable from a department store and that is when I began to collect records. I have since upgraded my turntable to a Red Turntable (Project Debut Carbon), and my record collection has grown. I wanted to start this blog to share my thoughts on new music, old music, record collecting, and concerts that I attend.

My Setup

Turntable: Project Debut Carbon (Red)

Receiver: Pioneer VSX-501

Speakers: Sony Core Series 5″ Three Way Speakers

Record Shelves: IKEA Kallex Bookshelves (4 x 2)

Frequented Venues

Living right outside of Washington D.C. has allowed me to explore many different venues. The following are my favorite venues for both concerts and record shopping.

Record Collecting:

Mobius Records (Fairfax, Virginia)

I feel the need to say that this record store is where I choose to shop the most (90 percent of my records come from this shop). I also take a lot of recommendations from the shop owner, Dempsey, who is constantly opening my eyes to new music. Please visit this shop when you are in the neighborhood. They have an excellent selection of new records and are very fairly priced.

Hill And Dale (Georgetown)

Plan 9 Music (Carytown, Richmond, Virginia)

Concert Venues:

930 Club
Black Cat
Rock and Roll Hotel